Text Adventure Games

TAG Help
  • A ReadMeFirst.txt file, which you should read, er, first.
  • An Info folder that you might want to peruse, second.
  • Refreshed PNG map files of both dungeons, resurrected from old PICT scans made way back then.
  • Qork sports a new Spider Room and custom End Game.
  • Pre-built static executables for macOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard through macOS 10.12.6 Sierra. You can commence game play immediately, simply double click the Adventure or Qork clear glass bottle icon1.
  • You can Save and Restore in either game, any number of times. Saved game state files are interchangeable between all TAG installations, regardless of operating system and compiler.
  • FORTRAN source code for Adventure and Qork, as well as their associated text database files of messages, rooms, etcetera.
  • For Linux you must compile the FORTRAN yourself, but I have turned that chore into a piece of cake with blue (ECCH!) icing, as there is a super-duper-easy-to-use build script, and the source code conditionally compiles for GNU gfortran, Intel ifort and PGI pgf77 compilers, so take your pick. Read Info/ReadMe.txt for details.
  • A front-end procedure called play-text-adventure-games (platag) for Linux users, which may be used even on macOS if you are daring enough. Game save states are managed by platag.
  • Hints, if you must!
  • Implementer history and notes.

Rescued from the dawn of time - or 4/10 of a century ago - the retro Text Adventure Games Adventure and Qork have been restored for 64-bit Intel machines from Bob Supnik’s original FORTRAN source code. This particular code has undergone many ports to various operating systems and architectures in its lifetime, so there is only a vague resemblance to its original self.

Adventure is the classic 366 point version with End Game, and Qork, a modified Dungeon / Zork, has 550 points and a custom End Game. These games are free, as are the original map artwork and hints that I created.

TAG runs on basically any 64-bit Macintosh or Linux computer, with pre-built executables for macOS.  For Linux, all you need is a FORTRAN 77 compiler and away you go.

Here’s what you get once you download and open the TAG distribution:

How do I get all this super stuff? Simple, just eat the CLICKME cake ...

As an aside, here is a file, TAGdiffs.zip, of differences between the 1989 source code and the results of this latest 2015 conversion effort.

1 If macOS prevents execution of Apps downloaded from the web, open System Preferences / Security & Privacy and make a one-time exception by clicking Open Anyway under the General tab. Or, control-click on the App icon in the Finder, then select Open from the context menu and follow the instructions.